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Membership Meetings

The Chapter meets 4-5 times per year, in person whenever it’s possible to do so safely. Every meeting allows each member to introduce themselves and their companies, and Chapter leadership updates attendees on programs and activities of the organization. Whenever possible, we offer plant tours. Often, one company is highlighted in a Member Spotlight.

Some recent programs, featured speakers and topics have included:

Workforce Development

Manufacturing has been the backbone of the New Jersey/Philadelphia region for over 100 years. The manufacturing landscape has dramatically changed during that time. Today’s manufacturing is more dynamic, nimble, and competitive than ever before. One of the main pain points for manufacturers throughout the region is the lack of quality talent coming out of high schools. The NJPA Chapter is developing two major initiatives to support workforce development for both machinists and young managers. 

NTMA’s Executive Mentorship Program: One of the main goals is to provide resources for our members to grow. The best resource for new executives, managers and senior staff is information. We believe that our members hold a vast amount of knowledge in successful management and that information is often siloed within one company. Our Chapter will link new managers with other executives in the region so these rising players within the manufacturing field, offering them as much depth and breadth as possible to prepare to manage their facilities in an ever-changing, sometimes violatile, manufacturing landscape. Please follow THIS LINK if you are a young executive or a seasoned professional and would like to be a part of this mentorship program. 

NTMA’s High School Partnership: Let’s face it, we are facing a looming crisis. Machinists/manufacturers are retiring faster than their ranks can be replenished. In the coming years, our Chapter plans to partner with several high schools in the region to amplify our message: that manufacturing is a stable and well-paying job you can start right out of high school. During that time period, we hope to build an apprenticeship program so that NTMA members can route graduating high school students into their ranks. 

Liberty Bots

Liberty Bots is the NTMA-NJPA Chapter of the National Robotics League. The League is a job-driven, project-based STEM learning experience that was created by industry to solve its biggest issue: recruiting a future workforce by engaging manufacturing’s next generation. Liberty Bots/NRL provides an exciting team oriented, STEM learning program. Participants report:
• 82% of students have entered or are pursuing a pathway toward a STEM career
• 70% of participating schools have incorporated the NRL program into their curriculum

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