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We put machinists first.

Helix Precision Machine is an AS9100 D and ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer located in Red Hill, PA.

We have 5 bar-fed lathes, 2 vertical mills, centerless grinding and honing capabilities and a couple of those old Browne & Sharpe cam-driven screw machines that are hypnotic to watch.

Having all this equipment gives us some pretty impressive capabilities. We can grind and hone shafts to a +/- .0001 tolerance. We can drill and tap deep holes in a 24” x 12” casing. Our capabilities are quite vast.

But what’s most important to you is our sweet spot. The one thing that we’re confident we can do better and more efficiently than any other shop around is bar-fed lathe work – specifically with a diameter between ¾” and 2.5” and up to 3” long. On short and medium runs of that stuff, we’ll really blow you away.

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